What is the vision & mission of Kula?

Kula Society facilitates an inspiring ecosystem for creative and entrepreneurial leaders. We see a new world of ambitious professionals. Not searching for lifetime employment, but for continuous learning and a diversity of challenges. They believe in serendipity and paying things forward. Kula connects these people, to share ideas and create collaborations that move our planet forward.

Who are the Members of Kula?
See the Members page.

What does a Membership include?
Offline & online networking and contacts.
Access to a growing network of 220 members from different backgrounds.
People who understand the KULA philosophy and appreciate the value of sharing (knowledge, network, experience) and receiving.
Access to a private, very lively and well-maintained Facebook group for all your (business) needs.
Free access to approximately 12-15  theme events per year organized by our event partners

What can I do when I need something?
1. Please feel free to post your need in the private Facebook group
Share your need with City Chief Rutger de Rijk by email

How do I connect to other people within Kula?
Three ways.
1. Go to an event.
2. Find other Kula Members within our private Facebook group or at our member page
Send an email directly to the member or send a mail to City Chief Rutger de Rijk ( Rutger is more than happy to connect you with the right person.

How can I invite someone to Kula?
If you want to nominate a new member, you can ask him or her to fill in the form on this page. We will go through all the applications and we will invite the right Kula potentials.

Would it be possible to host a Kula event?
Yes, of course! You can send an email to Rutger and Merel ( and he will provide you with more information.

How much does a Membership cost?

€30 per month.

What is the price of the first Kula Welcome Dinner?


What is the Membership money used for?

Like any organization, the money is used for salaries (Kula has 6 staff members) and other costs such as food, beverages and locations. We are always open to share our up to date numbers. Please send a mail to .

How can I terminate my Membership?

You can send an email to Rutger de Rijk and Merel van Vlaanderen ( and and tell them that you would like to terminate your membership. They will terminate your Membership and your monthly payment will stop immediately.